Website Names – The Essential Key to Creating a Successful Online Business

Website Names, Also Known as Domains, Domain Names and URLs

When it comes to creating a website and ultimately a business, one of the most important elements to consider is the website name as this is what is going to be remembered by your potential clients, therefore it’s essential to know the demographics of your market.

By the end of 2011 there were 220 million domain names registered, of these less than 50 million are considered a premium domain.

What is a Premium Domain?

* It’s short (shorter the better, definitely less than 30 characters)

* Easy to remember, spell and type

* Only letters – no numbers or hyphens separating the words (as this means the domain without hyphens is taken, if YOUR client types the domain without the hyphens you’ve lost them to your competitor)

* Contains at least one keyword relevant to a Niche, Hobby or Business

*.com is essential

* The keyword(s) has commercial value for advertisers

The domain should clearly define your business or hobby:

example: – it can’t be confused with something else, there is a clear finish to “elephant” and clear start to “charm”.

How do you read this one

Was your first thought “Experts Exchange” OR “Expert Sex Change”?

There are so many of these ambiguous type of domains, the business owners probably did not notice when they registered it, or maybe they did. A bit of controversy is sometimes fun!

Fact: a domain name dramatically impacts a business in many ways:

* exact match (a commonly searched term, product or service leads to)

* search engine ranking (which affects)

* both organic and direct traffic (which in turn determines)

* income potential (essential to a Successful Business and ultimately the)

* resale value (a great asset and valuable component for a Business)

How to check the demographics to know if a domain is considered Premium?

Using the above example of “elephant charm” as an exact match two word phrase:

Search 1)

Google Keyword Tool: search “exact” match type there are 390 monthly global searches and 290 monthly searches in the United States.

Search 2)

Google “exact term” search lists 339,000 page results. At the time of writing this article, Google’s first page of the ten organic searches – nine websites and one Few of them had the exact keywords in the domain (only in the extension). This means when the owner of places a decent website on it, they have an excellent chance to be listed on the first page of Google with a few quality back links to the site.

Search 3)

Google Trends: shows a rising market since 2007 and the two main regions for searches are United States and England.

Search 4) lists 900 searches, cost per click advertising $1.03, traffic is nil (as presently there is no website attached to domain) and the appraisal for only the domain name (not a website) is $870.

These four easy and no cost searches have revealed that is a Premium domain.

The supply of premium domains is limited, once acquired it’s generally renewed by the “owner” forever. Once is taken the only options are to:

* add another word to the keyword(s), remember less than thirty characters and the added word is best at the end. Example:

* the second tier domains (.net or .org – the only two to consider), as shown in the above example often does not earn the ultimate prize, first page of Google.

As a premium location for Real Estate is its protection and value (i.e. water front properties, best street in suburb etc) securing a premium domain is your virtual Real Estate and a true investment for your business as they are easier to monetize and command a higher value on resale of your business.

How to find premium website names to give your business a genuine competitive edge is as easy as going to the resource box below.